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    Slow Living
    Source: Insight Ningbo  | 2022-08-29 08:58:00

      Erdem was watering flowers in grandma Liu’s garden. (Photo by Zheng Kaixia)

      “From here, you will enjoy stunning vistas of distant mountains and seas, as well as world-class ports!” Mr. Erdem Ozturk, Ningbo’s overseas communication officer (OCO), had an unforgettable one-day trip to Kunting Village, Chunxiao Sub-district, Beilun District of Ningbo on a late August weekend. Sweltering as it was, the excellent local cuisine and scenery left him feeling relaxed and content.

      “這里有山有海,還有世界級的港口,風景真是太美了!”8月下旬的一個周末,寧波海外傳播官Erdem Ozturk在北侖春曉街道昆亭村度過了快樂的一天。雖然天氣炎熱,但是有美食美景,他的心情是清涼的。

      Erdem, a Turkish expat who has been living and working in Ningbo for nearly 10 years, is currently engaged in international trade in a local company. Brought up in urban areas, Erdem has a growing interest in China’s villages and rural lives. As a Ningbo OCO, he immerses himself in touring distinct villages dotted around the city. During these holidays, he can appreciate the traditional cultures of Ningbo by climbing mountains, visiting the sea, and savoring local delicacies. Erdem shares his amazing immersive experiences and breathtaking views from Ningbo on overseas social platforms, providing the rest of the world with a window into Chinese culture.


      “The variety of villas distinguishes it from the rural countryside. Brilliant!” When Erdem approached Kunting Village, he was taken aback by the diversity of villas. Surrounded on three sides by mountains and embracing the sea on another side, the village was like a haven of peace and happiness.


      With the scorching sun overhead, Erdem worked as a farmer picking towel gourds, okra, figs, and other fruits and veggies. A rich harvest!


      “It is my first time tasting figs. So sweet and delectable. I must share them with my family and friends in Turkey.” Erdem said.


      The hospitable local villager, Grandma Liu, invited Erdem and his party to dinner at home. Freshly picked vegetables were prepared and served as local cuisine. Erdem has enjoyed the cuisine of Ningbo over many years, including pickled wax gourd, salted crab, and other Ningbo specialties, which are among his favorites.


      “They are quite welcoming. So much delicious food. I’m really full.” Erdem is most fond of grandma Liu’s little garden. A variety of plants—Chinese trumpet vine flowers, cape jasmine, bamboo, peppers, and orange trees—make it look like a small park. Erdem added that he would make a vlog about the trip for people to learn more about Kunting village.


      Chunxiao sub-district, the first national ecological township in Beilun District, is home to diverse natural attractions like tea plantations, forests of bamboo, seas of flowers, beaches, and blue bays. This year, the sub-district was designated as the first “Photography Destinations in Zhejiang”, attracting photographers from Zhejiang Province and beyond to shoot photos and enjoy the views. Meanwhile, it also has emerged as an internet-famous site for a few overseas tourists.


      Reporter: Zheng Kaixia

      Translators: Mei Jie, PuYang Rong

      Proofreaders: Fan Shuping, Lü Chang, Jason Mowbray

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