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    Ningbo Strikes an Epidemic Prevention Combo
    Source: Insight Ningbo  | 2022-08-19 10:41:27

      A resident scans a QR code of a mini-program to report health information in Ningbo. [Photo by Tang Yan]

      By Dong Na

      As COVID-19 gets to spread out again currently, Ningbo is united in its determination to build a strong line of defence against the epidemic.

      In residential areas, subways, shopping malls, and scenic spots...the prevention and control measures are being strictly implemented in all corners of the city.

      Foreign Language Reminders in Communities

      On August 15, the Yulan Community in Beilun, together with the Access International Academy Ningbo (AIAN), set up a foreign language emergency response team.

      Over 500 expatriates from more than twenty countries and regions, including France, the United States, Korea, Germany, and Italy, live in the community all year round.

      Information on relevant policies and health guidelines is published in both Chinese and English in the community. For the convenience of residents from different countries, the team has worked overtime to record a series of audio reminders and epidemic prevention videos.

      "Communicating in the native language of different countries helps to convey the information more accurately and also makes these expats feel warm in the Yulan family," Zhang Luning, secretary of the Yulan Community Party Committee, said.

      On the morning of the 15^th, Ryan from the United States, who is the leader of the team, appeared at the entrance of the AIAN wearing a red volunteer waistcoat. His job is to check the "venue code" of people entering and leaving the school. "I'm also part of the community and I volunteer whenever I can," Ryan said.

      "People from other countries and regions in epidemic areas, please report to Yulan Community." a teacher from Pakistan also volunteered. He considers Yulan Community as his second home, and he is pleased to contribute to the epidemic prevention.

      Strict Protection in Subways

      As soon as stepping off the escalator at the Ningbo University Station on Line 2, college student Li picked up his phone to scan the venue code posted on the wall. "I have to show the venue code to staff before going through the security check later, so I scan the code in advance to speed up," he said.

      These days, staff at Ningbo metro stations all wear masks and gloves and enhance persuasion against irregularities. The stations are now strictly enforcing protection requirements such as taking body temperature on entry, wearing masks throughout and checking health and travel codes.

      To speed up the passage, some heavily trafficked metro stations such as Dongmenkou Station arrange for multiple checks, with staff at the front checking venue codes and staff at the back checking travel codes, working in tandem. Passengers can complete the code check and temperature measurement almost simultaneously after their luggage has passed through the security check, and the passage is smooth on the whole.

      "Ningbo is a city of civility and the vast majority of people will co-operate with the epidemic prevention." On Line 2, a volunteer was inspecting carefully, and once he found passengers wearing masks irregularly, he would then remind them. "With so many people on the underground, it's always right to be more protective," one passenger said.

      Enhancing Checks in Scenic Spots

      Summer is the peak season for tourism, and with the recent persistent high temperatures, scenic spots such as ice world and ocean world where people can enjoy the coolness have become popular for family trips.

      "Please show your health code, travel code and proof of PRC test within 7 days to enter the park." At 2 pm at the peak of passenger flow, a long queue of visitors formed at the entrance to Meishanwan Ice World, where staff with small speakers cycled through the epidemic prevention and control requirements and strictly checked visitors entering the scenic area.

      Although the temperature was high at 2 pm, visitors actively cooperated with the staff's requirements. "This is to protect the safety of each of us so that we can all feel at ease when we play," Ms Ying said.

      At the entrance of Ningbo Ocean World, staff were busy checking the visitors' codes one by one and handing out the masks to visitors.

      "At present, the number of visitors to our scenic spot is around 2,000 on weekdays and will reach around 3,500 on weekends." A manager of Ningbo Ocean World said that to do a good job of epidemic prevention, they sent special staff to check the health code and travel code of visitors at the entrance of the scenic spot, and prompted visitors to scan the venue code as required.

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